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Accredited treacher

A classically trained, crossover soprano singing light classical, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Swing and everything inbetween.

I am a Vocal coach, singing and drama teacher, multi instrumentalist, Musical Director and arranger. I teach for Buckinghamshire Music Trust, LEAP school of Performing Arts, Musicscool (Berks) as well as being assistant musical Director for the Wycombe Swan Youth Projects since 2015.

I strongly believe that music, first and foremost,  should be fun and accessible for all. Whether you are learning as a hobby or want to take things further, I can offer learning that is suited to your needs.


Over the past year, I have been on the Vocal Balance Teacher Training course and it has been a continual inspiration throughout the year. I am now offically an accredited teacher!

I cannot speak highly enough of this course as the improvements I have seen in my students is so wonderful to see. It has given me the skills and knowledge to help them in a more efficient, decluttered way to make singing accessible and fun for all.

Part of what I loved about this course is there is always something to learn and it such a nurturing and suportive environment to do it in. I have several workshops already in my diary and I am looking forward to 2023 when I can continue to improve my knowledge and how to pass it onto my students. Heres to the new year!


Singing Teacher

Vocal Coach

Audition Prep

Musical Direction

Cabaret Singer


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